Our partners

Urs Scheidegger, Amthausgasse 1, CH-3011 Bern:
office partner to the Max B. Berger Law Firm


Anwaltssozietät Wolf, Jörg und Frederik Becker, Bremen:
our partners for matters of civil law, road traffic law, and other traffic matters in northern Germany.


P-K-Fachanwälte, Syke, Germany, and Cairo, Egypt:
Attorneys Jürgen Kieswetter and Bonno Poppinga will handle and litigate cases in labor law and family law. The firm of P-K-Fachanwälte has offices in Bremen and Cairo, Egypt. They represent a highly demanding private and corporate clientele in selected legal matters both in Germany and in the Arab republic of Egypt.
Click here to visit their web site: www.p-k-fachanwälte.de


Attorney-at-law Iris Müller-Klein, Thedinghausen:
our partner for equestrian and animal care law, as well as for human medicine law.
Click here to visit Iris Müller-Klein’s web site: www.kanzlei-mueller-klein.de