The Law Firm

Max B. Berger founded the law firm as an independent company in April 2008, following many years of employment as an attorney. We are a small firm located in Berne, Switzerland, with a strong international presence and experience in a wide range of legal matters.


We actively handle and litigate cases in law courts and before courts of arbitration throughout Switzerland, as well as in Europe and the rest of world. We practice liability law, social security law and private insurance law. We handle and litigate personal injuries, worker’s compensation and disability claims, and property and life insurance claims. We practice civil and private trial law, including marriage, inheritance and estate law, family law, labor law, landlord-tenant law, real estate law, property exchanges, and leases. We practice administrative law helping clients with public services matters, liability issues, and licensing procedures. We also represent clients in criminal law matters.


Our legal consultant Winfried Delitzsch, LL.D., is a highly experienced expert in international inheritance and family law, landlord-tenant law, as well as commercial and corporate law.


We can also fall back upon a team of specialists in other fields, such as doctors, psychologists, and vocational counselors, all of whom will consider only the best results for you.


Our Law Offices will represent you in English or in French in law courts and before arbitration courts in Switzerland and in Germany.


Our extensive network of consulting attorneys makes it possible for us to handle and litigate international legal matters. This will ensure speedy and reliable answers direct from the experts.


We guarantee personal and continuous services. We seek justice for our clients and zealously fight for them in order to get it.