Our Legal and Consulting Services

Our services include:


Liability law, social security law, and private insurance law

  • Accidents and their consequences
  • Traffic liability (road, sea, and air traffic)
  • Private liability
  • Animal owner liability
  • Corporate liability (especially directors and officers liability)
  • Personal injuries (UVG)
  • Worker’s compensation and disability claims (IVG)
  • Social security and retirement benefits (AHV, BVG, FZG)
  • Military insurance matters (MVG)
  • Public and private health insurance (KVG)


Private insurance law

  • Life insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Private liability insurance
  • Legal charges insurance
  • Automobile insurance


Private trial law

  • (International) contract law
  • (International) commercial law
  • Medical law
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Property exchanges, leases, bestowals and gifts
  • Commission and contract law
  • Employment contract law
  • Corporate law


Civil trial law

  • (International) marriage, inheritance and estate law, family law
  • Things and property law
  • Association law


Public and administrative law

  • Labor law
  • Public liability law
  • Traffic law
  • Licensing procedures
  • Animal protection law


Criminal law

  • Negligence offenses
  • Omission offenses
  • Traffic violations and offenses